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5 Dinners at the Twitter Fiction Festival – Nov. 28 to Dec. 2

Future Boy has appeared to social media marketers Sasha Viasasha and Markus Orlyus with a breath-taking message of many-worlds-shattering importance. Due to the unparalleled significance of this missive, Markus and Sasha realized they could not receive it alone. They sought out a worthy assemblage of personalities from across space and time and will bring them together for five evenings in an astonishing feat of virtual puppetry and pageantry.

Each night of the Twitter Fiction Festival, we will serve up a famous repast from film, literature, or history and host a meta-modern salon, abuzz with gossip and conversation. Join in or just mingle and drink [virtual] wine at the most highly referential dinner of any century.

The guest list includes such impressive personages as Diogenes the Dog, Sir John Falstaff, Anna Karenina, The head of John the Baptist, Harold Skimpole, Future Boy, Amy Winehouse, A Vague Sense of Unease, and the infamous Space Trash. The Exterminating Angel will naturally be in attendance, just to make sure no one leaves.

Each evening just as Future Boy begins to make his announcement, an unexpected guest arrives and disrupts him. Will Future Boy ever be able to make his announcement? Can Twitter save the world? Will Anna and Vronsky ever find happiness?

Show up and find out. Come as yourself but better. Create a historical avatar or someone totally new. Check out my white paper on using Twitter:

Sign the official guest list at #dinnerpartyguestlist

Please join us for

Five Dinners in Five Days

A virtual extravaganza

Live on Twitter

November 28th through December 2nd.

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