What we do

What is Cover Story?

Media strategists, storytellers, and writers

Where are we?

Virtually everywhere—anywhere with an Internet connection.

What do we do?

We represent creative brands in the dynamic nexus of technology, culture, and market.

We help you position your brand or concept in the right niches and craft a representative voice that tells your story and builds your community.

We create a unique web presence for your brand that encompasses multiple channels, is responsive, and remains engaged.

We listen for emerging concepts and act quickly and creatively to capture the power of now. We manage our clients accounts in real time. We’re available 12 hours a day, just a click a way.

We listen for you. We are your ear in the market. We stay on top of market trends, global and local news, emerging regulations and laws, and consumer attitudes, so you’re never taken by surprise.


We don’t wait for things to happen, we make things happen.

We’re confidential. We never share our client list or discuss our prospective clients with anyone, and we keep all your data secure.

We are resourceful. We don’t waste time or money. We make every move count. We concentrate resources where they can have the biggest impact. At the same time, we never commit you to a strategy that isn’t realistic. We design a financially sustainable media strategy that is both scalable and fully accountable to your budget.

And when you’re ready to take over? We work with you to train your team. If your team is incomplete, we help you locate great talent. We won’t leave you hanging. We make sure that you have what you need—we’ll work with you to tweak things as you go along. We want you to understand the tools you are going to be using, and feel confident using them.

Why do we take such care?

Because we want to put our writing into venues where it can succeed—and change the world. We want to bring excellence to market, and partner with others who share our passion.

We work with artists, creative businesses, and visionaries. We help people, concepts, and brands connect in a busy marketplace. We are mobile workers in a global world.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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