Peripeteia – The moment everything changes (and how to get one)

If you want to introduce a new technology, a new way of doing things, or simply give your existing customers a meaningful experience and turn them into inspired brand advocates, you need a peripetaia. The simplest definition of peripetaia is “the turning.” In storytelling, it’s the moment when the protagonist has a realization. In an epic it brings about the climax of the story. In a tragedy, it is the climax.

For those of us trying to change the world–with a small business, new idea or a work of art–peripeteia is that moment when your idea gains traction. It’s the moment when the world realizes the significance of what you are trying to do, and starts helping you make it happen. Although this might seem to contain an element of magic, just as in stagecraft and storytelling, the magic is pure craft.

It involves seeding thought-culture within the niche you are trying to reach with ideas that will make your concept seem inevitable. This is how great playwrights achieve that “aha” moment in a dramatic production. A great marketing strategy works much in the same way.

Here a few things to think about whenever you get a chance to introduce your concept:

What information do people need to appreciate it? Who provides that information? What can you do to support that success of that source? When you support people who share your ideas, you amplify your message.

If great sources of credible information are not readily available, you’ll have to provide the information yourself, either through a blog you can point people to, or in a format that can be distributed across multiple social channels. You may find that creating original material in support of your ideas is valuable even if there are already voices out there. You can still join forces.

What story are you part of? Everyone has a story and we all share a collective story that defines the group. Weave your piece of the story into the larger narrative that animates your social group and it will reach farther and have more power. An important thing to remember is that it doesn’t necessarily mean your story, but one that enriches your new idea.

Then you have an opening for the true peripeteia, and your great work, to begin.

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